Strategy Formulation

In a world inundated with data and possibilities, finding clarity and direction is paramount. We don't just listen; we understand. By assessing your current landscape and focusing on your envisioned future, we help craft a meticulous strategy that bridges the two. With a combination of modern strategic tools and time-tested wisdom, your vision isn't just mapped—it's destined for realization.

Solution Implementation

into Action
A vision is a beacon, but the journey towards it is laden with complexities. With Tradtek by your side, watch your aspirations transition seamlessly from ideation to realization. We don't just implement; we embody your objectives. Drawing from a reservoir of operational expertise and grounded decision-making, our assurance is precision in action. Together, we journey not just towards goals, but towards excellence.

R&D Services

that Pioneers
In a dynamic world, staying ahead means perpetually seeking the horizon. Our R&D is not just about meeting industry standards but setting them. Marrying the art of design with the rigors of science, we harness research's transformative power. With us, you're not just informed; you lead. Armed with resilient insights, position yourself at the forefront of innovation, guided by knowledge that endures.
Our Brand Differentiators
Our Brand Differentiators

Expertise in the Operational Grey Area:

We thrive in the nuanced space between strategy and tactics. Our mastery in both operational art and science ensures that solutions are holistically designed and meticulously executed.


Upholding Traditional Values:

Our foundation is built upon timeless principles, echoing the Air Force’s core values of integrity, service, and excellence. We believe in doing what’s right, serving with purpose, and pursuing excellence in every endeavor.


Championing Organizational Traditions:

Your traditions matter. We recognize their significance and champion them as vital contributors, ensuring the success of projects and programs. By valuing your legacy, we enhance your future.


A Trader’s Perspective with Advanced Technology:

Our unique advantage lies in combining a trader/investor’s mindset with cutting-edge technology. This blend ensures a forward-leaning approach in portfolio management, risk assessment, and market responsiveness, setting us apart in strategy and execution.

Ethics in AI:

Integrating technological prowess with deep human insights to create ethically sound AI systems, inspired by our rich history in auto-piloted aviation.

Strategic Synergy:

Harnessing our expansive network to deliver unparalleled value for our partners and clients.

Upcoming Research Initiatives

Forging the Future: Pioneering Research with Tradtek at the Nexus of Theory and Practice

My Forthcoming Book on Workplace Fulfillment

Challenging Norms: A Personal Journey Into Job Satisfaction

Case Study:
Transformative Leadership
in a Mission-Critical Program

Introduction: In one of the busiest airfields in the Air Force, an aviation training base annually had the monumental task of executing 83,000 flying hours. Despite its bustling nature, the base grappled with challenges ranging from stakeholder engagement to technical limitations.

Challenge: As the base prioritized the re-establishment of certain business units, a significant portion of support was reallocated to these initiatives. This decision resulted in an 80% manpower shortfall in the unit I was asked to lead. In addition to the personnel challenge, I confronted outdated technical systems and navigated a post-strike contractor environment.

Solution: Dedication and resilience were paramount. Venturing into the maze of outdated macro-enabled workbooks, I initiated streamlined processes and reduced superfluous workloads. This wasn’t merely a technical overhaul – a significant cultural shift was imperative. I took the helm in guiding a diverse set of stakeholders, from contractors and leaders to instructor pilots from multiple backgrounds, ensuring they could adeptly navigate the revamped system and maintain its integrity. This transformative phase culminated in the successful migration to a state-of-the-art .NET/SQL data architecture.


  • Managed a $72MM annual budget, achieving a remarkable 99.3% execution rate, marking a 300% boost in budgeting precision over efforts from the prior decade.
  • Successfully orchestrated and executed over 50 contracts within their defined scope.
  • Garnered commendation from senior leadership due to the meticulous approach and tangible improvements, epitomizing the synergy between operational efficiency and organizational cohesion.
  • Post transformation, I was tasked to outline the mission, vision, values, and organizational framework for the revamped business units. This blueprint subsequently became a model adopted throughout the Air Force.


As a CIO, I've collaborated with numerous consultants throughout my career. Josh stands out distinctly. His solutions not only address our most complex challenges but also integrate seamlessly with our strategic objectives. He possesses an unparalleled ability to connect with every level of our organization, from the C-Suite to software teams, ensuring streamlined communication and project success. I wholeheartedly trust his expertise, and I'm always confident that with Josh onboard, our projects are in the best hands. L.M.
In the demanding domain of a joint service environment within the DoD, Josh was a linchpin, ensuring seamless coordination of complex systems across organizations. His proficiency in leadership and unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity led to the mission success of a one-hundred member organization. I know Josh and Leigh very well. They demonstrate a collaborative spirit, embodying trust and exemplary moral character in every engagement. “Jax”
In my tenure as a director at a leading Fortune 500 company, I've collaborated with numerous professionals and consultants across the business landscape. Josh and Leigh are exceptional teammates. Their commitment to ethical leadership and adept communication enriches every project. Our partnership is characterized by mutual respect, continuous growth, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. A.M.
In my consulting journey with over 20 notable companies, including industry leaders like Raytheon, Thomson-Reuters, and Dell, I've collaborated with various professionals. Josh's ability to navigate complex projects and consistently deliver outstanding results is truly remarkable. His commitment to client satisfaction and his unmatched professionalism in the face of diverse challenges exemplifies a caliber of excellence that is rare to find. With Josh on the team, I'm confident that expectations won't just be met – they'll be surpassed. J.S. (Senior Consultant and Developer)