Founders’ Story

Against the backdrop of an Air Force business jet, Josh and Leigh stand as a testament to a journey marked by leadership, purpose, and deep partnership. In those formative years, Josh, as a handpicked first-assignment instructor pilot (FAIP), carried the weight of leading and shaping young officers, ensuring they were ready for roles that would define their careers. It wasn’t just about teaching flight skills and empowering future wingman; it was about instilling trust, nurturing camaraderie, and guiding personal growth. Leigh, with her trajectory from performance education to executive leadership, showcased her innate talent for spurring growth and her unmatched capability to lead and inspire.

Together, they created Tradtek, not merely as a business venture, but as a reflection of the values they champion—integrity, service, and excellence. With their combined expertise in the market, they consistently realized significant returns, but it wasn’t just about the numbers. At the heart of Tradtek is a genuine care and an unwavering ethical focus, recognized and praised by industry leaders.

As they journey through the business landscape and the delights of an expanding family, they integrate the invaluable lessons from both worlds. This photograph, a memory from before their adventure into parenthood, captures a moment of their combined journey—a blend of ambition, mutual respect, and intertwined missions. Their professional alliance began in the world of trading and investing. With their diverse perspectives and proprietary data visualization tools, they found a unique edge in the market.

Life is replete with challenges, and for Josh, a training incident at USAFA marked the beginning of his battle with chronic migraines, which he fought daily for several years. Further complications from a parachute collapse in pilot training intensified these hurdles. When treatments seemed elusive and financial pressures mounted, the market became their lifeline. It wasn’t about seeking luxury but securing essentials. With Leigh’s unyielding support, the journey through these challenges gave rise to Tradtek. What started as a pursuit of necessity, driven by genuine need, transformed into an enterprise built on resilience and shared tenacity, ever focused on excellence.

Everyone has a story, and at Tradtek, client trust and transformative outcomes are paramount. The dedication and care Josh and Leigh bring have won the confidence and admiration of defense, industry, and technical experts. Every service we offer is a chapter in a larger tale of transformation, one where your challenges meet our expertise, culminating in an investment into a future crafted with precision. Join them on this venture. Witness the transformative power of traditional ethical leadership™ and elevate to new horizons. At Tradtek, our mission goes beyond service—it’s about inspiration, urging all to: Lead. Solve. Sharpen.™

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